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Mick Kabler at the Litoral Explosions 1999
Tropical Visions Video, has been documenting Hawaii's Kilauea, the most active volcano on earth for almost 25 years! Outrageous high fountaineruptions, red-hot lava tubes, crackling surface flows, and blistering lava exploding into the Pacific Ocean! We've got it all! Our six part video series "VolcanoScapes" brings you the continual changes that have occurred in the eruption of Kilauea Volcano from the comfort of your own home.
The "VolcanoScapes" series is the most comprehensive visual record of thecurrent eruption of Kilauea, the world's most active volcano! Spell bindingfootage of high fountaining eruptions, fiery lava entering the sea, and an eyewitness account of the incredible events brings you closer than ever to this primeval force of nature.
The series is the winner of prestigious awards from CINE; National Educational Film & Video Festival; Hawaii Visitors Bureau; Trento, Italy Mountain Exploring & Adventure Film Festival; 41st Salerno International Film Festival; Shanghai TV Festival; US Film & Video Festival; and the Hawaiian International Film Festival; Telly Awards.
These magnificent productions utilize the documentation from countless trips to the volcano over twenty years. They are the highlights of over 1,000 video cassettes, much of which has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN News and their local affiliates. We now offer our amazing library to stock footage clients around the world for broadcast and non-broadcast use.
Our stock footage is competitively priced and readily available. We have over five hours of selected material all mastered to one-inch and available in the format of your choice. Our clients come from around the world to utilize our professional staff. Our field production crew works regularly with US Geological Survey personnel videotaping Kilauea Volcano. There is no one in the state more familiar with broadcast video on Kilauea than Tropical Visions. Our equipment list includes a full Beta SP field productions package and an uncompressed Avid editing suite. Owner Mick Kalber has received more than twenty national and international honors over the past twenty years. We at Tropical Visions Video are dedicated to bringing you the best the Big Island has to offer.
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