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Dancing with the Goddess

VolcanoScapes…Dancing with the Goddess 104 minutes
  standard DVD and Blu-Ray

The latest in the "VolcanoScapes" documentary series, "Dancing with the Goddess" takes us into a new world of respect, wisdom and awe for one of the most amazing creations anywhere… the birth of the earth! Hawaiian volcanoes fascinate us… halaus chant and dance in honor of Pele, the Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes; many others "dance" with the Goddess in a variety of other ways. Photographers, tour guides, artists, scientists, poets and musicians are all influenced by Pele's magnificent manifestations… and all these interactions can be considered hula.

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VolcanoScapes… Kilauea in High Definition 40 minutes
  standard DVD and Blu-Ray

Shot in amazing 1080i on the remarkable Sony CineAlta HDCAM, this footage sizzles, scorches, explodes, and almost jumps off the screen! Spectacular footage of the latest ocean entry at Waikupanaha, which is visited by two thousand volcano-watchers daily. Experience the stark contrast as red lava pushes its way through the hard surface of black lava to light up the darkness.  “Lavafalls,” created repeatedly as flows cascades over the cliffs, build deltas into the ocean to form the newest land on earth.  The bright orange and red glow turns to pinks, purples and blue to reveal a new day…. the vivid details of red-hot lava oozing onto a freshly made black sand beach… the explosiveness of hot lava meeting the ocean water… there’s nothing like dawn at the ocean’s edge as the Volcano Goddess Pele meets her sister Na Maka, the Goddess of the Sea!
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“VolcanoScapes V...
                        Hawaii Volcanoes National Park”

(72 minutes)
An Historical Perspective

             America’s unique national park as captured by Emmy Award Winner Mick Kalber.  Thrill to highlights of 200 years of the park’s major eruptions:  1790 and 1924 steam explosions, 1959 Kilauea Iki, 1969 Mauna Ulu, 1984 Mauna Loa, and the current on-going eruption of Pu’u ‘O’o.
            Wonder at mysterious petroglyphs carved in lava rock by ancient Hawaiians.  Marvel at rare native birds and plants in a pristine tropical rain forest.  Observe geologists sampling 2,000 degree hot lava as it makes its way to the sea.  Feel the power of Pele, the Fire Goddess in the ancient chants and dances of Halau ‘O Kekuhi
            Experience the magnificence of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as you fly past fiery lava fountains, and dive to the ocean’s floor to witness amazing formations of pillow lava.

            Celebrate 150 years of Volcano House memories;  relive the volcano region’s past through rare historic footage, and the journals of scientist Thomas Jaggar, Reverend William Ellis and Mark Twain.  Trek with National Park Rangers as they disclose the secrets of the world’s most active volcano.  “VolcanoScapes V” is unequivocally the most comprehensive historical program ever assembled on Hawaii Volcanoes National Park! 

1997 winner of the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau’s Kahili Award in Broadcast Media, Silver Telly Award, National Interpretive Media Award.

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Mick Kalber, videographer shares his perspective behind the camera during the making of VolcanoScapes V... Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


“VolcanoScapes Four... Kilauea’s Flow To Kamoamoa!”  (40 Minutes)

  Experience magnificent spatter cones!  Wonder at flows cascading over cliffs!  Thrill to molten lava exploding into the ocean and creating the newest land on earth!  Emmy-award winner Mick Kalber has captured magnificent footage documenting Pele’s advance through the Kamoamoa area.  Kamoamoa was an ancient Hawaiian village and temple, and also the site of the island’s most beautiful black sand beach, created by volcanic activity in the late 1980’s.  This unique area is now buried by Pele’s fiery touch... an historic village frozen in time!  1993 New York Film & Video Festival  Winner.

Available on VHS and on DVD with VolcanoScapes 3

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Mick Kalber, videographer shares his perspective behind the camera during the making of VolcanoScapes 3 and VolcanoScapes Four

“VolcanoScapes 3... Living On The Edge!  (56 Minutes)

         Participate in the agonizing struggle of those who live dangerously close to the Hawaiian Fire Goddess.  Witness the salvation of the landmark Painted Church as the beautiful coastal community of Kalapana is enveloped in her fiery flow.  The devastation and splendor of Pele’s most destructive eruption of the 20th century will captivate and amaze you.  See dramatic footage of the incredible “firehose lava” formation, Black Sand Beach, and historic Kalapana from 1964!  Winner of the Best Home Video in the 1990 Hawaii International Film Festival.

Available on VHS and on DVD with VolcanoScapes Four

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“VolcanoScapes II... Kilauea Volcano Rages On!”  
(54  Minutes)

       The beauty of the fire goddess highlights the continuing saga of Kilauea’s eruption.  Historic footage, excellent views of lava entering the ocean, underwater pillow lava, red hot lava tubes, and the story of Waha’ula, Hawaii’s last temple of human sacrifice are some of the highlights guaranteed to fascinate you!  Aerial and ground level videography.  Producer’s choice.  1989 Hawaii Visitors Bureau Award of Merit.

Available on VHS and on DVD with VolcanoScapes II

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Mick Kalber, videographer shares his perspective behind the camera during the making of VolcanoScapes and VolcanoScapes II

“VolcanoScapes... Pele’s March To The Pacific!”  
(38 Minutes)

         The most critically acclaimed program of the series!  Includes high fountaining eruptions of the mid-1980’s and Kilauea’s first lava flow to reach the ocean in thirteen years.  Helicopter footage dominates this program for a spectacular vantage point.  1988 Award Winner - CINE Golden Eagle;  National Educational Film & Video Festival;  Hawaii Visitors Bureau Grand Award of Excellence;  41st Salerno, Italy Science Film Festival;  1989 Trento, Italy International Mountain Film Festival.

Available on VHS and on DVD with VolcanoScapes II

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“VolcanoScapes 1999...
      The Littoral Explosions of Kilauea...”
                  (30 Minutes)

        Littoral (near shore) explosions are created by the volcano's entry into the ocean at Kamokuna on Hawaii's Puna coast.  Sea water rushes into the underground lava tubes and becomes trapped.  It turns into steam in the superheated chamber, and expands up to twenty two times its volume.  The steam forces its way out, along with the surrounding lava, creating littoral explosions.  The dome fountains inflate, then burst, sending fragments up to 150 feet into the air.  The explosions can be heard up to a mile away.  You won't believe your eyes and ears!

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Available in VHS - NTSC and PAL

“Eyes On Hawaiian Skies”  (46 Minutes)

          The most exciting astronomical occurrence of our lifetime was the 1991 total solar eclipse in Hawaii!  There will not be another total solar eclipse in Hawaii until 2106, nor in the U.S. mainland until 2017.  “Eyes” includes video gathered from eight different cameras throughout the path of Hawaiian totality, including the mountain top of Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea and aboard the SS Constitution some 25 miles off the Kona Coast.  The program also documents the history, myth and lore of solar eclipses mad explores the vast reaches of outer space from telescopes high atop the peaks of Mauna Kea, one of the tallest mountains in the world!  Award Winner - 1992 NY Film & Video Festival/Hawaii International Film & Video Festival.

Available on VHS.

Mick Kalber, videographer shares his perspective behind the camera during the making of Eyes On Hawaiian Skies

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The DVD format offers a sharper, cleaner image to this dramatic footage of Kilauea volcano
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